Deck Staining for Homes and Businesses in Austin

Deck Staining in Austin, TX

The front porch or deck of your home or business can say a lot about who you are and how well you keep up with your property. Decks make a great piece to the entrance of your property, but if you take a step back and look at your deck, you might realize it’s lacking something. That’s where deck staining can come in and help.

Deck staining involves applying a coat to your wood deck to enhance the colors or tones while also providing protective qualities which are great for preventing rain and weather damage. Give your home or business that extra touch of class and protection with deck staining from Benny’s Painting!

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Beautify and Protect Your Deck with Benny's Painting!

Deck staining is often applied to wood decks. Wood materials are used for their rich colors, so you might as well give it an extra pop of color with staining. As we mentioned briefly, staining also helps protect your front porch from the negative impacts of rain and moisture. When rain and moisture become trapped in the wood, it can start to deteriorate the material over time, making it look dull and worn out. Staining your wood deck can increase its lifetime by several years!

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Deck Staining & Pressure Washing in Austin, TX

A Successful Deck Stain Begins with Pressure Washing

Before we can start staining your deck, we have to initiate the process by giving it a good wash with pressure washing. Pressure washing is good for clearing away any grime and dirt. We don’t want to apply a coat to a deck full of residue, so we’ll do the work for you and give you a pristine deck thanks to pressure washing!

How Deck Staining Can Increase Your Home’s Value

People draw their first judgments and ideas about your property when they approach the porch of your home. As such, colors and decor play a major role in what people immediately think about any building or property. If you want to show off your home’s worth, staining your deck is one way to go about it. Adding a pop of color to your deck and front porch will automatically make the front of your home much more appealing! 

What You Should Know About Deck Staining

When you plan deck staining, it is important that you provide contractors with a clean porch to work with. We can help in this regard thanks to our pressure washing services. It is best to stain the deck soon after giving it a pressure wash. Stains are best applied when the temperature is between fifty and ninety degrees. Anything less or higher can possibly damage the coating. You may also need to provide a covering for your deck to prevent contact with the sunlight. 

Choose Benny’s Painting as Your Deck Staining Experts!

If you’re ready to inquire about our staining services, do not hesitate to give us a call! We are always ready to give your home a new look with our painting, pressure washing, and staining projects. Get your free estimate, today! 

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